Pre-race preps

Last night we put the bike rack on the car. This morning we hit up BBQ House for our weekly breakfast date, came home, loaded the bikes onto the bike rack and took a test drive around the neighborhood. I know. The day before the race probably wasn’t the smartest time to do a test run with this, but it all worked out.

We made the drive over to Indian Springs State Park in Georgia. I picked up my race bag. I have a red swim cap and a green wrist band. I’ll look like Christmas. My number is 9, which is the same number as my birth month, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I have a number to wear, one to put on my bike and one to put on my helmet. In the morning I will get my body marked and pick up my timing chip.

Then we drove the bike course. It looks fun. Except for the first two miles. They are all up hill. I hate hills. This is good though because a) they get out of the way right at the beginning and b) it means the end is all downhill. The rest of the course has a lot of flat stretches that just look fun. After we drove it, Kenny went out on his bike and rode it. He concurred that the beginning will suck, but he thinks I’ll enjoy a lot of the stretches. He was also able to point out some spots to watch out for – rough road, pothole. He’s an awesome scout. I’m pretty excited. Part of me wanted to ride it today but it was 90+ degrees, and I need my legs.

So while he rode I checked out the swim course, the bike transition area, the finish line, and then read my Kindle for a bit in the shade. When he got back, we took a quick swim in the lake.

Had a carb filled dinner. I don’t think I’ve eaten this many carbs since January. Is it possible to be in a carb coma?

I’m ready. Bring it. I’ll be wearing #9 and my red swim cap.


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