The Cat’s Going Bald

No, really.  The cat walked across the room today, and I noticed that one leg had no hair on it.  I called her over to me, and she hopped up in my lap.  I looked at her leg, and realized it was pretty bare.

Cue memory recall, and I realize I have noticed her grooming and licking herself a lot lately.

So I start investigating her – and find a bare patch on her bottom.  And one on her other leg.  And another patch on her side.

My cat is licking herself bald.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen – one of my cats growing up did this same thing.  That time it was anxiety.

I hop on Google, and learn cats do this for two reasons – one being physical, like fleas or some other skin irritation or hurt.  I check her over, see no living things on her.  She’s not guarding against me like she’s in pain.  And she’s not biting at herself, just licking.

The other reason cats do this is stress.  They like routine.  They like predictability.  They are creatures of habit and they don’t like having that habit disturbed.

Let me explain to you what this cat’s normal day is like: when we wake up she’s normally asleep in the dining room in the sun.  At some point she moves into the spare room to continue her morning snooze.  Then she typically gets up and spends the better part of the day draped all over Kenny as he works.  In the evening, she sleeps in the big arm chair in between bouts of playing.  Then she drapes herself all over Kenny again for the evening.

Since he got hurt last week, she hasn’t been able to drape over Kenny or sleep in her chair.  Her routine has been majorly disrupted.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s stress.  So we are going to the vet tomorrow at 9am to investigate this further.

I love my cat to death, but I am going to be seriously annoyed if she has to go on cat Prozac because she’s stressed over not being able to be held and sleep in her chair.

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