Blast From the Past

I was Googling myself last night (something I do fairly frequently, just to see where my name is turning up), and I came across something interesting.  It was a link to an old newspaper article that was written back from my high school gymnastics days.  I clicked on it, read it, had a good laugh, and then decided to see what a more carefully defined Google search would yield.

It yielded pictures!

That’s an article from a meet in 1994.  My mom actually called the paper and ordered her own personal copy of that photo, and it resided on our fridge until this past Christmas when she had to get a new fridge.

Here’s another one from my senior year – the state open meet in 1995.  Vault, by the way, was my worst event ever.  I never got any pictures of me on floor, which was my best.

So just in time for the Olympic games to start, here’s me 17 and 18 years ago (oh my God), doing moves that you definitely will NOT see it in these Olympic games.

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