Radio silence…and PIE!

Excuse the radio silence that has happened here over the past couple of weeks.  Because my husband and I are uber competitive with each other, I couldn’t let him bask in the glory of his surgery too long.  Not to be out done, last Monday I went and had surgery of my own.  Since then there’s been a lot of this around here:20120817-192006.jpg

and this…


and a lot of this.


The road to recovery is slow, but we are both coming along.  Year 3: The year we BOTH had surgery!  We sure know how to keep it interesting.

We did celebrate an important milestone in our relationship last week. Our relationship began with pie.  “Want to have dinner with me?”, he asked.  And before I could even answer, he rushed on with “Friday is pie day.”  Who can argue with logic like that?  We had our first pie day in December of 2004.  Since then, pie day has included friends, parents, family, friends of friends…but it has always remained an anniversary day that we celebrate.

Being uber geeks, some time ago we (and by we, I mean our even geekier friend Brian) figured out what our “Pi Day” anniversary was – the day we would be married for 3.14 years.  Get it?  Pie?  Pi?  That was August 11, 2012.  So we got an ice cream pie, and celebrated below the pie sign that is displayed prominently in our kitchen.


Pie is important. Pie is love.

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