End of the world, end of the year…


So the world didn’t end after all, thank goodness. I would have been pretty mad, seeing as that there are still lots of things I plan to do. Like actually write in this blog again.

The remainder of the year turned out to be very uneventful. I submitted papers to the Summit on Communication and Sport and ICA, didn’t screw up teaching the remainder of my classes, we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time for friends, cringed through the remainder of Auburn’s football season, took a trip back to Savannah for the first time since we got married 3 1/2 years ago and then enjoyed the holiday festivus. It’s easy to do that when you have an “in” with the big guy.


I also managed to do absolutely no work whatsoever for the past three weeks. After the (successful) year I had, it was time for a break. And I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Now it’s a new year, a new semester and time to look ahead to the new possibilities. I’m about to submit my 3rd year review packet. It’s also time for new goals and plans. I don’t do resolutions, because I think they are dumb. I like “goals” and “plans” better.

The academic ones are easy – publish, go to conferences, teach well.

The athlete ones are going to be fun this year. I have big plans! Right now they include 2 century rides and at least 4 aquabikes. I’d like to do more, but it will be travel-schedule dependent. Auburn is hosting a master’s swim meet in February, but I don’t think I’m brave enough for that one.

I’m looking forward to getting in to the swing of things!

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