Swim Meets, X2

When I started doing Masters swimming, I decided to do it just to get better at swimming for my aquabike races.  I never planned to compete in any swim meets. It seemed like one more thing to add on my already full plate.  I should know myself better than that though, because lo and behold, February rolled around, and the opportunity to compete in a meet here in Auburn presented itself.

To be fair, I truly don’t think I am going to become a competitive Masters swimmer.  To be fair, I should probably also mark this blog post down so that when that turns out to be wrong, I can come back and reference this post and sigh at myself.  But the meet was in Auburn, I didn’t have to pay to register, I didn’t have to travel, I didn’t have to pay for a hotel, and I finally figured “What the hell?”  If I embarrassed myself, then not that many people would know.  At the very least, I would be able to get a baseline for where I was time-wise for the aquabike swim distance.

So I signed up for the 500 yard free.  Then I figured as long as I was swimming one race, I might as well swim a couple more, because I was going to be there anyway.  So I added the 200 and 100 free.  And a relay.

Surprisingly, I did really well.  Extremely well.  I got prizes!  I love prizes.



So that was fun, I got my times, and I figured that was it.

Then there was an intramural meet a couple weeks later.  So of COURSE I signed up for that.  And of COURSE I signed up for multiple events in that.  This time though, it included diving.  I did dive in college, so I had to reach way back into my muscle memory for that one.  Thankfully, I did not have to throw a full list, just three dives.  But I managed to win the diving, and not look half bad doing it, considering my last diving meet was (gulp) 13 years ago.



We’ll just ignore the fact that I have essentially no height whatsoever in this dive, and that I was pretty much twisting right off the board.  At least my toes are pointed and pretty much together.

I also managed, in this meet, to swim a time that would qualify me for Master’s nationals.  Am I going to go?  No.  I’m officially registered now for my 4 aquabikes this summer, I’m trying to find a triathlon relay or two to do with my husband and another friend of ours, and at some point I do need to learn how to say no.

Did I just say that?  I should make a note of that too.

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