860 days later…

Or 2.35 years from the last time I posted. Much has changed. To sum:

– I’m still racing. October brought my longest race to date: 70.3. I won my division. 

– I think I really like the middle distances. 10k’s, Olympic tri’s…just a comfortable distance for me. 

– I ran a half marathon. I did it mostly to spend a weekend with my awesome health and fitness friends. 

– I got tenure. Then I turned around and got a new job, so I’ll (briefly) go back on the tenure clock. 

– Health-wise it’s been a lot of downs and very few ups. 

– I screwed my ankle up to the tune of 2 avulsion fractures, tendonitis and a blown anterior tibialis ligament. And yes, I ran the half marathon on that. One month in a boot and continuous PT later, it’s much improved. 

– To why I’m picking up the blog again, I have also been diagnosed as having insulin resistance syndrome (also known as PCOS, Metabolic X Syndrome, and other names). This has brought endless frustration – from doctors condescending to me and admitting they don’t really know how to treat me, to diet struggles and frustrations, to struggles as an athlete. I can’t be the only triathlete out there dealing with this. I won’t be the only one to deal with this. 

I have learned that strength in and from a community can come from unlikely places, and can be invaluable. 

Welcome back to my journey. 

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